Best Super Bowl Sportsbook Promo Code Offers Ranked: Get $200 on ONE TD


While most people are willing to risk their own money on the Super Bowl to win big, we're here to show you how to risk the sportsbooks money on the big game and guarantee yourself $200! That sounds much better than losing.

We've got three promos for you to take advantage of before the Super Bowl, but just know you need to sign up now because they end directly after the game.

DraftKings Super Bowl Promo

DK has the best offer out right now: Bet $5, win $200 on ANY Super Bowl bet GUARANTEED! Here's how to claim it.

  1. Sign up for DraftKings using this link
  2. Deposit $5 or more into your account
  3. Wager $5 or more on any Super Bowl bet

As long as you use that link and follow those steps, you'll win $200 in bet credits delivered directly into your account as soon as that bet settles. Even if your bet loses, you still get the $200 in bets. Or, even better, you win and get your winnings PLUS the $200. It's that simple.

Only new users qualify and this offer does end on Sunday so make sure to take advantage now by signing up for DraftKings Sportsbook.

FanDuel Super Bowl Promo Code

FanDuel is offering the biggest potential payout to new users for the Super Bowl: up to a $3,000 risk-free bet on the big game. Here's how you get it.

  1. Sign up for FanDuel using this link
  2. Deposit $10 or more into your account
  3. Wager $10 or more on any Super Bowl bet

If you're a new user who follows those steps, you're set. If you bet $3,000 on the Chiefs to win and they do, you win OVER $3,000! If they lose, you get whatever you wagered back in bet credits deposited into your account for future use. It's that simple.

Again, it's only for new users and it ends on Sunday so sign up for FanDuel now to take advantage.

Caesars Super Bowl Promo

Similar to above, Caesars is offering a big potential payout on your first bet, only this one is for $1,250 and we have a special promo code to get it.

  1. Sign up for Caesars using this link
  2. Use the promo code FanSidedFULL
  3. Deposit $10 or more into your account
  4. Wager $10 or more on any Super Bowl bet

Just use that link and promo code and your first wager up to $1,250 will be insured in bet credits if you lose just like above. The offer is only valid for new users until Sunday so sign up for Caesars Sportsbook now to get your piece of the action.

Those are the three I would recommend you jumping on but we have some more for you to consider below. All-in-all, you can win BIG on the Super Bowl without actually risking your money. That's better than what your friends are doing, I guarantee you that.