Antonio Brown Not Happy Mike Mayock Fined Him For Missing Mandatory Raiders Activities

Liam McKeone

After all the madness that he was responsible for, Antonio Brown has fallen by the wayside somewhat as Andrew Luck’s retirement and the holdouts of Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon have taken the news cycle by storm. It seems he would like to re-insert himself into the conversation, posting an Instagram story expressing his displeasure at being fined for missing mandatory team activities.

I’ll tell you one thing: After an extremely rocky start to their relationship, nothing will smooth out the issues between Brown and the Raiders like posting a private letter from your general manager on Instagram. If Brown didn’t want to give money back to the team, he probably should have shown up to the mandatory activities.

Such a public exposure of the Raiders won’t go over well with their brass, and that’s especially true in the case of old-school Football Guy Jon Gruden. As we all knew heading in to the summer, Brown in Oakland is can’t-miss drama, and it’s only getting better.