Eric Swalwell Lists 10 Reasons It's Over For Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry


Republicans held yet another hearing on Wednesday in their ongoing attempt to drum up impeachable offenses against president Joe Biden. As of now it appears the GOP does not have anywhere close to enough votes to proceed with impeachment, and they seem to be losing more by the day. Democratic representative Eric Swalwell used an interesting method for pointing this out.

Swalwell channeled his inner David Letterman and did a top 10 list of the reasons why it's over for the impeachment inquiry. He counted down from 10 to one and had some zingers in there.

Here's video:

I was just waiting for him to say, "From the home office in Grand Rapids, Michigan..." or "Wahoo, Nebraska."

Swalwell's last point is pretty hilarious. Even Fox News seems done with this whole thing. As it seems are most of the American people.

Basically we're everyone has moved on to the 2024 Presidential Election and all the other stuff feels like background noise. We're getting the Joe Biden-Donald Trump rematch no one really wanted and the next seven months are going to be incredibly stupid.