NBC is Giving Us RedZone For the Olympics And It's Going to Be Awesome

Paris City Hall Unveils Olympic Rings At Le Trocadero In Paris
Paris City Hall Unveils Olympic Rings At Le Trocadero In Paris / Chesnot/GettyImages

In a few months' time we'll enjoy another round of Olympic games as the 2024 summer edition kicks off in Paris, France. Which means we'll once again run into the age-old problem when it comes to actually watching the Olympics-- there are too many events and only so much time. This is not only a problem for viewers but also a problem for NBC's broadcasts. Even with borderline 24/7 coverage they are not capable of broadcasting every single Olympic competition because a lot of them (especially in the early goings) happen at the same time.

Wednesday brought delightful news that will help alleviate that problem. NBC announced a new program they call "Gold Zone" featuring the legend himself Scott Hanson alongside Andrew Scilliano, Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila. The concept? Consuming the Olympics, NFL RedZone-style. Per NBC's press release:

STAMFORD, Conn. – March 20, 2024 – Scott Hanson, Andrew Siciliano, Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila will serve as hosts of the Gold Zone whip-around show, which will stream for the first time live on Peacock during NBCUniversal’s coverage of the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Gold Zone will stream live on Peacock from 7 am – 5 pm ET each day from July 27-Aug. 10.

With up to 40 events happening simultaneously during the Paris Olympic Games, Gold Zone will present viewers with the best and most compelling moments happening at any time. The daily live show will guide fans through the excitement, triumphs, and emotion of the Games, scanning all the events that day to provide viewers with the most exhilarating moments and key races, routines, and finishes as they unfold live. Gold Zone’s daily offering will provide viewers with the most comprehensive and all-encompassing live whip-around coverage of any Olympic Games to date.

Hell yeah, man. Sign me up. Hanson welcoming us into our mornings every day for two weeks will rule. Especially for the many of us whose attention spans have been decimated by *waves hands* everything. Constant cuts between the finishes of events is going to be awesome and potentially extreme adrenaline junkie stuff if those finishes get tight enough.

It's also tremendous for all the athletes who will be participating. There are thousands of Olympic athletes from around the world who get mentioned by name maybe once throughout the games and half of the winners for the various competitions go unnoticed simply because there are so many damn events. Now they'll be getting extra time in the spotlight.

This is gonna be great. What an idea by NBC.