9 Times Russell Wilson Made Us Laugh

Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Russell Wilson has already done enough in his NFL career to feel confident about his chances of making the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Or he could become the rare example of someone who played his way out of a bronze bust with a sluggish second act. He's also trending toward a more meaningful enshrinement — the Sports Blog Content Hall of Fame. And if he's not careful, he's going to mess around enough to be inducted by season's end.

The Denver Broncos quarterback continued to amaze today when he shared this nugget about the team's flight to London, where they will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in an unusual both-teams-go-home situation.

There hasn't been such heroism on a plane since The Newsroom. Can you even imagine how much this behavior must have endeared him to his teammates trying to acclimate their own bodies to the drastic time-zone change? Especially the ones who understand that The Grind never stops?

Wilson's brief Denver tenure has been chockfull of hilarious moments and there are so many years left for him to entertain us. All evidence points to the conclusion he's only getting better at doing the very unique things he does. Meaning that, when it's all said and done, the below list of times he made us laugh will need much updating. Yet even as a work in progress, it's impressive.

The Time He Showed Up to Monday Night Football Dressed As Someone in Marvin Berry's Band Playing an Enchantment Under the Sea Gig

The Time He Revealed He Tries Three Times Harder Than Anyone Asks Him to Try

The First Time We Heard Broncos Country, Let's Ride

The Time He Claimed He Was Doing 19 Hours of Daily Rehab on His Finger

The Time Chris Broussard and Bomani Jones Argued About His Abstinence

The Time He Explored the Space While Hawking Subway Sandwiches

The Time He Showed Up to Broncos Training Camp in a Huge Truck and His Own Jersey

The Time He Said He Wants to Play Until He's 46!

Not a comprehensive document here by any means. But that's sort of the point. We should all be thanking this guy for being such a great player and the consummate entertainer. Every new project he takes on is great. Like, I didn't even mention the Entourage movie. He was in the Entourage movie. People forget that. Or the miracle bubbles thing.