Russell Wilson Showed Up to Broncos Training Camp in a Huge Truck and His Own Jersey

2022 ESPYs - Arrivals
2022 ESPYs - Arrivals / Leon Bennett/GettyImages

Russell Wilson showed up to Denver Broncos training camp on Tuesday wearing his own jersey. It's unclear if that was the strongest nonverbal statement he made because he posted some pictures of himself walking in front of a very large truck with very large tires, including a very large spare on the roof.

With two years and $51 million remaining on his current contract, it's unlikely that gas prices are a concern, but since they've dropped for a month straight, he probably felt a little more comfortable driving that monstrosity to practice.

Dear god what a vehicle. It's what you drive when you have practice in the morning and an assault on Precinct 13 in the evening. There were concerns about Wilson being able to see over his offensive line when he was drafted. The DMV should have similar concerns about that truck's steering wheel.