Russell Wilson Claims He Rehabbed 19 Hours a Day to Recover From Finger Surgery

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks will welcome Russell Wilson back today with wide-open arms and more than a few sighs of relief. The superstar quarterback has missed the last five weeks due to a finger injury that required surgery. Wilson is slightly ahead of schedule after doctors projected a minimum of six weeks to recover, but the Seahawks quarterback is ready to go against the Packers today.

Ian Rapoport spoke about Wilson's swift recovery time on NFL Network this morning and said Wilson told reporters he rehabbed 19 hours a day to get back in time for the Green Bay game.

This is entirely believable in the sense that it is very easy to envision Wilson telling people this. But functionally, it's hard to grasp!

Five hours of sleep per night doesn't sound super healthy but NFL athletes are essentially extremely rich aliens and there is undoubtedly a healthy way to only get five hours of sleep per night while maximizing restfulness. It's just... 19 hours? Every day? For over a month?

The only way I can see this being possible is if Wilson counted literally any activity involving his hand as rehab. Using the fork to eat his dinner? Rehab. Bringing in groceries from the car to the house? Rehab. Carrying his 18-month-old son Win around? Rehab. It's the only way he could hit 19 hours unless he quite literally sat in the gym for five weeks moving his injured finger up and down, which isn't out of the question but not particularly likely.

We'll see how those 19 hours of rehab per day treated Wilson this afternoon.