The Memphis Grizzlies Are Annoying and They Haven't Even Won Anything Yet

Sacramento Kings v Memphis Grizzlies
Sacramento Kings v Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies are blowing a golden opportunity to be the coolest team in the NBA. After winning one postseason series they appear to have decided they want to be the most hated team in the NBA. You can tell this because they're constantly telling you how much they don't care about people liking them.

Those quotes are from last week. Here he is again this week, following an incident involving Pacers team employees. No one knows for sure what exactly happened, but some of Morant's friends have been banned from Grizzlies games. Via the Commercial Appeal:

“I honestly don’t care, bro. At this point in my life, I’m protecting my energy," Morant said. "I’m not responding to nobody else, not entertaining nobody else. That’s what they need. Likes and clicks.”

Kevin Durant had won hist first title before he gave his famous blog boys quote to Bill Simmons. He would win his second ring a couple months later. He was nearly 30 at the time, having already spent many years as one of the Internet's favorite players before he left OKC for Golden State.

Ja Morant is 23 years-old. He has the sixth-best selling jersey in the NBA. His highlights are incredible and his team is winning. Rather than going about his business of being awesome, he appears to be just as focused on perpetrating an us-against-them aura for his team. The Grizzlies talk trash and complain as much as anyone. They're a very young and talented team and we shouldn't have to point out that they have not won anything yet, but they keep leaving people no choice.

There are legitimate reasons to dislike the Grizzlies. Mainly, Dillon Brooks. Who took a cheap shot at Donovan Mitchell last week and got booed at home by the Memphis fans last night. You might have guessed, but he doesn't care.

Morant took to social media to "smh" at fans.

It's this kind of attitude that leads to an entire team getting into it with a media member seated courtside. Yeah, no media member has ever done anything like Shannon Sharpe did, but can you remember a player ever doing anything like that during a game?

Maybe you can blame the press. After years of shitting on great players because they didn't have the correct number of championships or weren't clearly the best player of all-time, guys know how this works so they're jumping out in front of it. It just doesn't seem very fun.

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