Jason Kelce Lifted Up Little Girl to See Taylor Swift as Chiefs Beat Bills

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce /

The Kansas City Chiefs secured yet another spot in the AFC Championship Game by beating the Buffalo Bills in a tremendous display of football on Sunday night. Yet the real star was not on the field. Jason Kelce, acting very much like a guy who recently decided he wouldn't be going back to work anytime soon, was having the time of his damn life while watching his brother Travis. He was chugging beers with the fans both before and during the game. He was chugging beers in the background of Taylor Swift reaction shots. He took his shirt off early in the evening and it never went back on. The vibes were tremendous for viewers.

They were even more so for the Bills fans in the stands, despite the loss. Living up to his podcast reputation as a teddy bear disguised as a football player, Kelce was captured on video lifting up a young Bills fan to wave hi to Swift at some point during the contest. An incredibly pure moment occurring during a sporting event where such feelings are always few and far between.

Such a nice moment. Kelce even posed for a picture at the end. What a guy.

The Bills winning that game would've made for a great storyline, but the Chiefs winning means more Swift x Kelce content. Which I am sure many people are getting sick of. Not us in the content industry, though! Every bit of performance art helps keep the lights on. So if you're ever getting tired of the constant barrage of Kelce and Swift videos, posts, and tweets, just remember your favorite blog and take a deep breath.

Hopefully next week's Ravens-Chiefs game will be equally as exciting and full of content. And may the home fans be as welcoming as Buffalo was.