Ryan Clark: Kadarius Toney is Doo-Doo

Ryan Clark, worked up
Ryan Clark, worked up /

Kadarius Toney is Public Enemy No. 1 today, with Kansas City Chiefs fans and neutral analysts alike ready to go at his throat for failing to line up properly against the Buffalo Bills. It's definitely a bit much, but Toney's penalty was a procedural error that all professional wideouts should get right with the game on the line. It doesn't help that Toney's screw-up took away an insane lateral for a go-ahead touchdown by Travis Kelce. Nor does it help that Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid both loudly whined about it (by their standards) afterwards, putting Toney directly in the center of an entirely different battle between those who like the Chiefs and those who do not.

Ryan Clark got in on the action during Get Up and sort of... lost his mind. Taking aim at the giant target on Toney's back, Clark ranted about the greatness Mahomes and Kelce put out there every week, only for it to be rendered meaningless by the "doo-doo" of Kansas City's receiver room. After yelling "greatness" and "doo-doo" a lot, Clark's conclusion was simple. "Kadarius Toney: Doo-Doo."

The sort of analysis that can only be rivaled by LeSean McCoy calling Dak Prescott "ass." Which aged poorly.

Clark's take is less likely to age in that manner, and in fairness his rant is not about Toney being offsides. It's about Toney blowing the opening game of the season with his drops and his fellow receivers doing the same over the course of this season. Last night was not the sole reason Clark is yelling doo-doo on television.

The fact remains that he is yelling doo-doo on television. Succinct, to be sure, yet lacking a certain level of analysis one comes to expect from Clark. Then again, there's not much to analyze here. Doo-doo, indeed.