LeSean McCoy: Dak Prescott is Ass

LeSean McCoy
LeSean McCoy /

Dak Prescott has played... not too well over the last month. He's thrown seven picks in the last four games against a grouping of pretty average defenses. His mediocre play let the Houston Texans stay close to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14 before he threw a game-ending pick-six against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 15. That pick wasn't his fault but it sure is his problem.

So Prescott finds himself in the crosshairs this week and will take criticism from every direction imaginable. Jerry Jones perhaps made things worse by openly declaring that Prescott was actually very good in the Jaguars' loss. The public vote of confidence is good for the team, obviously, but easy fodder for critique from the talking heads. LeSean McCoy kept things simple on yesterday's episode of Speak and said Prescott was ass.

"Dak is ass. Can I say that on TV? Because he is ass ass." Exactly the kind of genre-bending analysis we all tune in for.

McCoy then went on to make some more salient points about Prescott's interception problem. Which, at this point, is definitely a problem of the highest order. He's thrown 10 picks since coming back from injury in Week 7, most in the NFL over that span. He ranks 7th in the NFL in total interceptions despite only playing nine games. His INT rate leads the league.

That kind of carelessness is going to sink the Cowboys early in the postseason. Prescott has admittedly gotten a bit unlucky on a few of those throws and that sort of thing regresses to the mean after a while but for whatever reason he is forcing the ball into tight windows this year more than ever. And he's paying the price. Along with his team.

He'll need to pick it up if only to avoid further accusations of being "ass ass."