Mike Francesa Fell Asleep Discussing the AL East

By Tim Ryan

The normally competitive Boston Red Sox are currently dwelling in the cellar of the AL East while the sizzle-deficient Orioles are inexplicably tied with the Yankees for first place, so perhaps that’s why WFAN’s Mike Francesa dozed off Tuesday afternoon while discussing the state of the division? It would make sense, as Francesa is well known for having difficulty acknowledging surprise teams “who ain’t been ‘dere beefaw.”

Either that, or the always exciting first weekend of NFL action — which no doubt inspired multiple Truffle Shuffles from the beefy broadcaster — caught up with him at an awfully inconvenient time.

Whatever it was that caused the impromptu nap, Mikey’s “just received the shocker” face upon waking up was priceless.

[h/t to reader Matt]

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