Donald Trump Does Rush Limbaugh Impression, Declares Washington D.C. 'Looks Like Sh-t'

Donald Trump Delivers Remarks In West Palm Beach, FL
Donald Trump Delivers Remarks In West Palm Beach, FL / Alon Skuy/GettyImages

Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday night. The speech was broadcast on Right Side Broadcasting Network which used the chyron "TRUMP STOPS IN 'THE SUNSHINE STATE,'" which is a funny way to describe Trump going somewhere less than five miles from his Mar-a-Lago home.

As for the speech, the topics changed at the usual breakneck pace. This time Trump even worked in an impression of Rush Limbaugh while repeating Barack Obama's name.

"Instead of keeping terrorists and terrorist sympathizers out of America, the Biden administration is inviting them in. You know why? Cuz he's got a boss. Who's his boss? Barack Hussein Obama. Remember the great Rush Limbaugh? Barack HUSSEIN Obama. He'd go Barack Hussein Obama. Hello, Lee."

Got to love the crowd work. Lee must have felt it was worth every penny to spring for a seat up front. Who knows if he would have gotten a shoutout if the crowd hadn't fallen silent during the Limbaugh impression.

Trump then shared a brief aside about the Department of Justice inviting someone to Washington, D.C., before adding, "Isn't that nice? Couldn't be too impressed with our capital... It looks like shit."

Makes you wonder why he'd ever want to leave the Sunshine State.