Barack Obama: Warriors One of NBA's Greatest Dynasties

Kyle Koster
Win McNamee/GettyImages

If the Golden State Warriors aren't a dynasty, then most people are going to be rightfully confused about what a dynasty is and is not. And yet there are some out there attempting to explain why winning half of the championships over the past eight years with the same core of star players doesn't qualify as dynastic behavior. Barack Obama, former president and current Stephen Curry golfing buddy, isn't having any of the zigging while everyone else is zagging. In fact, he's willing to further and say the Dubs are one of the league's greatest dynasties.

There really haven't been that many dynasties in the NBA. The Lakers had one in Minneapolis and two in Los Angeles. Boston had one that spanned over a decade. Then there was that guy named Michael Jordan in Chicago. It feels like what the Warriors have done is less like these and more like the San Antonio Spurs, who also captured four crowns in eight years. And the collective totality of it snuck up on people.

Four-time NBA champion Stephen Curry sounds a bit surprising, but it's true. The organization as a whole has been outstanding and will keep being a contender while ushering a new wave of young talent. The dynasty isn't ending. It's just being recognized more and more.