Angel Hernandez Is Ruining Yet Another Major League Baseball Game

Angel Hernandez Milwaukee Brewers v San Francisco Giants
Angel Hernandez Milwaukee Brewers v San Francisco Giants / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

I know this is going to shock you, but Angel Hernandez continues to be a terrible umpire. Hernandez is behind the plate of ESPN's presentation of Sunday Night Baseball and it didn't take him long to blow an obvious call, then repeatedly do it again. Which isn't surprising because he's MLB's worst umpire.

The the bottom of the first with two outs, Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper faced a 1-2 count against Milwaukee Brewers lefty Eric Lauer. Harper watched a fastball sail out of the zone for what should have been Ball 2. Unfortunately, Hernandez saw it differently.

Harper was not happy:

In the top of the second with two outs, Phillies righty Aaron Nola had a 1-2 count on Brewers catcher Omar Narvaez. Nola unleashed a 92 mph fastball that was nowhere near the zone, so obviously Narvaez watched the pitch go by. Hernandez was quick to ring Narvaez looking.

Check it out:

No sane person would ever see that as anything but high and inside. Here's the view from Gameday's pitch tracker:

In the bottom of the second, Hernandez kept at it. He rang up Alec Bohm on a slider that wasn't close:

And in the top of the third Hernandez called Andrew McCutchen out on a pitch that was clearly outside. McCutchen's reaction was priceless.

That's four in less than three full innings!

We've documented it repeatedly on this here website, but Hernandez is objectively awful at his job and should never be allowed to call another game. He continues to prove that again and again.

UPDATE: Kyle Schwarber speaks for everyone.