Angel Hernandez Is Proving, Yet Again, That He's Baseball's Worst Umpire

Division Series - San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One
Division Series - San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Angel Hernandez was at it again on Tuesday. The veteran Major League Baseball umpire was behind the plate as the Los Angeles Angels hosted the Houston Astros and boy was it an adventure. Once again, Hernandez proved he is baseball's worst umpire at any level.

Oh come now, I know you didn't just show up here for my opinion, you want video proof. OK, how about this 2-2 pitch from Aaron Slegers to Martin Maldonado from the top of the seventh inning:

A closer look:

I mean, that wasn't even remotely a strike.

Want more? How about this pitch from Dylan Bundy to to Yordan Alvarez in the top of the sixth:

There are also some visual guides to just how bad Hernandez was on Tuesday:

At some point, MLB has to do something about this. It's comical when Hernandez is behind the plate. He simply can't effectively call balls and strikes. The league itself has said he's a bad umpire, a U.S. District Court judge even confirmed it (!), but somehow he still has a job.

Hernandez has been awful for a long time. We've pointed it out on multiple occasions. Need proof? Go here, here and here. At some point this living, breathing punchline has to lose his gig, right? If not, he's just going to keep ruining baseball games from now until he retires.