Unicorse From 'Bluey' is an Obvious Choice For the NBA Lexicon

Unicorse and Chilli on 'Bluey.'
Unicorse and Chilli on 'Bluey.' /

For the uninitiated, Bluey is a popular children's cartoon from Australia about a family of dogs. It's hard to state how much adults love Bluey, but know that whenever two parents of young children are forced to make small talk in any situation the show is inevitably brought up with one person saying, "I would watch it even [children] weren't in the room," while the rest of the parents nod in agreement.

Fresh episodes from the third season finally arrived on Disney+ last week and one new character stood made a lasting impression: Unicorse, a unicorn puppet voiced by Bluey's dad Bandit. I know what you're thinking. Annnnd why should I care?!

Well, Unicorse is loud and annoying. He is abrasive and escalates things when people are trying to calm things down. And he is the perfect avatar for a certain type of athlete. Particularly a type of basketball player that exists in the same league as unicorns.

As we all know, "unicorn" has been a part of the NBA lexicon for a while now. While The Ringer proclaimed that the 2019 - 2020 season was the year the unicorns took over, the term has been around long enough that Bill Simmons once typed actual words about them to be read online using your eyes.

So Unicorse makes perfect sense. He is an agent of chaos. He talks nonstop. He sells contact. He complains. He will fight his own lawyer and you will live to regret crossing him. And truthfully, once you see what kind of players qualify as a Unicorse, you'll admit he's the kind of guy you need on your team if you want to be in the playoffs.

If you have eight minutes and Disney+, go check out season 3, episode 7. If you don't, here's Unicorse in all his glory.

Remind you of anyone? I thought so.

Kyle Lowry

He didn't touch him!

Patrick Beverley

Sometimes he just can't help himself.

Marcus Smart

The premier flopper in the NBA?

Chris Paul

Draymond Green

A natural podcast host.

Luka Doncic

Trash talking expert.

Joel Embiid

Trolls. Floppers. Arguers. They are the NBA's Unicorses and the league wouldn't be the same without them.