Draymond Green Responds to Boston Chants on Podcast: 'F--- You Too'

Draymond Green and Derrick White
Draymond Green and Derrick White / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Draymond Green received a cold welcome in Boston for Game 3 after his Game 2 shenanigans as Celtics fans were ready to boo him mercilessly for three hours at TD Garden. As tends to happen, the boos devolved into vulgar chants that ESPN tried (and failed) to drown out. The Warriors were pissy about the "f--- you Draymond" chants after the game, apparently forgetting all their previous transgressions in this area, which will only make matters worse when they return to the court for Game 4 on Friday.

Green, for his part, was far more upset with the way he played and questions about his podcast after the game than whatever the fans were chanting. This may have been part of his master plan to own the sole rights to his true reaction, saving it for his podcast recording after the game. He posted that podcast today and made an interesting speech about how it's a good example of battling through adversity for his kids to witness before saying "F--- you too" to the Celtics faithful.

Kind of sums up Draymond in one clip, doesn't it? He gave a thoughtful response but ended it with a reminder that he isn't backing down from anybody.

A lot of this discourse is stupid but I can't wait for Friday. We saw what happened when Kyrie Irving complained about the fans in the first round of this year's playoffs. He got even more of an earful later. Green isn't asking for that with the way he's handled this, but everybody else certainly is.