Robert Saleh Wants Aaron Rodgers to Stick Around Jets and Share His Conspiracy Theories

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers' torn Achilles was officially confirmed today and the New York Jets' season outlook is not nearly as bright. But head coach Robert Saleh, after looking like someone kicked his dog in the immediate aftermath of the Rodgers injury last night, is attempting to keep spirits high. It'll be a pretty monumental task but it starts with publicly supporting his guys. He did so on Tuesday's media circuit, insisting to reporters that this is now Zach Wilson's team. A dark sentiment.

Saleh also went on the radio to talk about the impact Rodgers can have on the sideline for the next 17 weeks. During an interview on the Michael Kay Show, Saleh said he wants Rodgers to be in the building while rehabbing and listed all the various qualities he can bring to the table despite not being able to play. Including, apparently, sharing his conspiracy theories with his teammates.

It is unsurprising that this has become a known thing with Rodgers inside the Jets facilities but it is still funny. The question is, what theories is he sharing? The vaccine stuff is yesterday's news for conspiracy theorists, one would assume. And it seems unlikely he's chatty about what he thinks happened on 9/11 the way he apparently did with DeShone Kizer a few years ago, given he's playing for a New York team. I'm sure the hole is endless once you start digging. He'll have plenty to talk about.

The injury is tragic but we can all at least enjoy the mental image of Zach Wilson asking for help on a pre-snap reads during a film session and getting a lecture on CIA activities in South America during the 70s instead.