Dejected New York Jets Fan Delivers Elite Middle Finger After Zach Wilson Interception

Great form.

Aaron Rodgers' New York Jets era did not get off to a good start. Actually, that's an understatement. Aaron Rodgers' New York Jets era got off to the worst start imaginable as he went down with what appears to be a serious ankle injury, meaning once again the team is in the hands of Zach Wilson.

Meanwhile, Josh Allen is still quite healthy and imaginative. He piloted a touchdown drive for the Buffalo Bills to earn a 10-3 advantage and then Wilson answered by tossing an interception into the hands of Matt Milano. Milano gave the Jets the business to an extent it garnered a 15-yard taunting penalty. It was enough to get under the skin of what has to be a very disappointed Gang Green supporter, who responded with the universal sign of displeasure.

Honestly, all respect. There are better ways to get on national television but if it is going to be for delivering a middle finger, it better had some style. And this one did.

Everyone has their own signature style while flipping someone off and the gentleman here is top-tier. He really establishes firm eye contact and isn't afraid to throw that thing out there at a 45-degree angle. It may go down as the most impressive use of a right arm the franchise will enjoy tonight.