Robert Kennedy Jr. Discusses Aaron Rodgers As Vice Presidential Candidate


The big story of the week in our world is the news that independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. is considering Aaron Rodgers as his running mate. Yes, the idea of the four-time NFL MVP and noted conspiracy theorist being a vice presidential candidate is hilarious, but it appears to be a real thing. On Thursday, Kennedy went on Fox News to discuss why he's considering Rodgers.

Here's what he had to say:

I don't know Robert, given some of the objectively batsh*t crazy things Rodgers believes, I wouldn't exactly call him a "critical thinker." I'm fairly certain the word you're looking for is "moron."

Kennedy is poised to barely make a dent this November, so who he adds as his VP candidate doesn't really matter. But the New York Jets have to be absolutely furious at this development. The same guy who told his teammates to take all distractions out of the locker room and focus on football is allowing himself to be floated as a political candidate.

Of course, this all comes after Rodgers ruptured his Achilles tendon on his first series with the Jets. He missed the rest of the season despite teasing a return for weeks. His employer would probably prefer he just focused on football and not all this nonsense.

Side note: the Green Bay Packers have to be loving this circus. They traded Rodgers away, turned the keys over to Jordan Love and watched him have a good season. Meanwhile, Rodgers played all of four snaps, has been a massive headache for his off-field statements and now this.