RIP Ronda Rousey's 'Road House' Remake

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The sports world has suffered some big loses lately. Bill Russell, Vin Scully, and now Ronda Rousey's Road House remake. With the news that Jake Gyllenhaal will star in a Road House remake directed by Doug Liman, it seems that the former UFC champion with the once-burgeoning film career will never get to step into Patrick Swayze's shoes.

It was a wild ride. It's been a full decade since Rousey took the MMA world by storm when she won the Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Championship by armbarring Meisha Tate in March 2012. Rousey was such a force of nature that the UFC finally broke down and created women's divisions. Within a year she was headlining UFC 157 in the first women's fight in UFC history. By August 1, 2015, she had defended her title five times and starred in Expendables 3, Furious 7 and the Entourage movie. A month later the Road House remake was announced with Rousey set to play lady Dalton.

Obviously, that never happened. In November 2015, Holly Holm handed her the first loss of her career, knocking her out so badly that Rousey retreated into the woods, unable to eat apples. A year later the UFC coaxed her out of retirement and fed her to Amanda Nunes, arguably the greatest female mixed martial artist ever. Nunes finished Rousey in 48 seconds and she would never fight again.

Her acting career was also finished at that point. Rousey has found a home in professional wrestling since then, so don't feel too bad for her. She was also the best in the world at something for a few years which is more than most people can say. The one thing she wasn't though, was Dalton.

Jake Gyllenhaal may have finally taken that from her once and for all if this movie ever gets made. At least one thing from the Rousey Road House era will survive as Gyllenhaal's character will be a "former UFC fighter," which is the way you explain in very few words that someone is a badass. Just like Ronda Rousey. And there's still plenty of time for her to make that movie.