Stop Pretending Cam Newton Isn't the Patriots' Starting Quarterback

Cam Newton at Patriots training camp.
Cam Newton at Patriots training camp. / Pool/Getty Images

Cam Newton is going to be the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots this season. If for some reason you doubted that, you should know that Newton is earning the job on the field and in the locker room. I know, I am shocked as well.

Seriously, though: Why are we doing this? Why are we pretending like there was ever a chance that anyone besides Cam Newton would be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots from the minute the Patriots signed him? Why did the media go through the Jarrett Stidham dance? He's young and inexperienced. He's certainly never been an MVP or carried a team to a Super Bowl.

Here's a football writer less than two months ago wondering if Newton would even make the Patriots' roster. And here's a radio host opining on why Newton wasn't signed in May.

And then there's Brian Hoyer. When was the last time an NFL franchise started Brian Hoyer intentionally? I know he's got 38 career starts, but how many of them happened because at some point in the preseason the team said, "This guy gives us our best chance to win." Looks like the 2015 Houston Texans who won nine games and then put up a zero burger in the playoffs with Hoyer throwing four picks in the Wild Card game.

Hell, ESPN even mentioned Brian Lewerke with a straight face in an article about the "quarterback competition" last week.

So why are we doing this to Cam Newton? Why aren't there stories about how Tom Brady is in a competition to start in Tampa Bay? Ryan Griffin has been with the Bucs since 2015. If he's not getting a fair look, what is he doing on the roster.? Not to mention veteran Blaine Gabbert. He's not competing against a 43-year-old? Seems like a bad sign!

Stop pretending Cam Newton isn't the Patriots starting quarterback. Stop pretending Brian Hoyer or Jarrett Stidham are serious candidates for Cam Newton's job. And if you won't, ask yourself why.