Brian Lewerke Apparently Competing For the Patriots' Starting Quarterback Job

Stephen Douglas
Brian Lewerke
Brian Lewerke / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Bill Belichick has been impressed with Cam Newton early in training camp according to ESPN's Mike Reiss. But don't let that distract from the fact that Newton is competing against three other players for the starting quarterback job. Check out this bombshell. Via ESPN:

"Belichick, 68, has seemed to go to great lengths to ensure the spotlight doesn't shine solely on Newton, who is competing with 2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham, 11-year veteran Brian Hoyer and undrafted free agent Brian Lewerke for the starting job."

Now, Stidham was the semi-incumbent up until a few weeks ago. He could become a star someday. Who knows? Belichick seemed ready to roll with him. And Brian Hoyer is entering his third stint with New England, going all the way back to 2009. He even took the first rep in practice earlier this week. If things really go sideways this fall, Hoyer could start a game.

But Brian Lewerke? Who at ESPN OK'd the inclusion of Brian Lewerke here? He's already been waived once this season and the first week of camp isn't even over. There is zero reason to expect Lewerke to be on the Patriots roster this season, let alone compete for the job against two veterans ingratiated in the team's system and a guy who could actually take them to a Super Bowl. Or maybe Brian Lewerke is that guy. Only Bill Belichick knows for sure!