MMQB's Andrew Brandt Isn't Sure Cam Newton Will Make the Patriots' Roster

Stephen Douglas
Cam Newton and Roger Goodell
Cam Newton and Roger Goodell / Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Andrew Brandt is a MMQB contributor, podcast host and former Green Bay Packers' executive. You can add Hot Take Artist to his resume because he went on the Ross Tucker Podcast and casually stated that he was so unimpressed with Cam Newton that he wondered if he would even make the New England Patriots roster.

That is... a bold thought to have. Maybe borderline crazy. Brandt says that unless you were the MVP six months ago, that award doesn't even really matter. You hear that Pat Mahomes, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers? Those awards don't mean much right now.

No matter how much the Patriots love Jarrett Stidham, they have never seen him play in an actual NFL game. They haven't seen him play in an actual competitive game since he threw 18 touchdown passes for the 2018 Auburn Tigers. That was the same year that Cam Newton threw for 24 touchdown passes and 3,300+ yards in the actual NFL.

And if you think Brian Hoyer belongs on a roster over Newton, please stop. Just stop. Please. Cam Newton is the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots.