Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays Are Over (For Now)

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers /

The fourth season of Aaron Rodgers Tuesday on the Pat McAfee Show is over, McAfee announced to begin his show on Wednesday. This news comes 24 hours after the New York Jets quarterback was allowed to clear out and create one of the more surreal half hours in ESPN history with a Festivus-length list of grievances to be aired out in excruciating detail.

"They're going to be a lot of people happy with that, myself included to be honest with you," McAfee said. "The way it ended, it got real loud."

The host then went another four minutes with some inside-baseball stuff before transitioning into the business of talking about sports on a sports station.

Unless you've been living under a rock — and congratulations to you if somehow you are living under one (bet it's nice and cool under there on a hot day) — you're already familiar with the back-and-forth between Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers and how this afternoon program has been at the center of it. The whole situation has spawned an impressive amount of thinkpieces and culture war-ing. Thankfully, I was too busy and also too lazy to really lay into one. Quickly, my main takeaway from the whole ordeal is McAfee did not come off nearly as bad as his powerful yet feckless enablers who must have been okay with such content airing based on a lack of speaking up or doing anything about it.

It's very early and we'll wait for spin but it should be noted that Rodgers continued making appearances on the show during the playoffs in each of the three previous years. It's entirely possible the plan was always to have him stop coming on after the regular-season ended. It's also entirely possible Rodgers comes back next year because, like him or not, he certainly boosts the profile and ratings for the show — both on linear television and digital.

For now, though, it appears cooler heads are going to prevail without additional drama. Check back tomorrow.