101-Year-Old Oregon State Fan Bud Ossey Giving Sister Jean Competition

Bud Ossey
Bud Ossey /

Sister Jean is America's darling during yet another year of March Madness. The Loyola Chicago Ramblers are in the midst of another unexpected deep tournament run and have thrusted their most famous and extremely old fan into the spotlight. Sister Jean has passed the century mark at 101-years-old and is literally so old she taught one of my friend's grandmothers in high school, so I can vouch for how long she's been around via that personal anecdote.

But wait! The CBS broadcast team, not satisfied to simply sit on their haunches and let Sister Jean dominate the 85-105 age demographic, found a contender to Sister Jean for the widespread admiration of America's nursing homes. That's right: they found a 101-year-old Oregon State fan by the name of Bud Ossey to show on today's Oregon State-Loyola broadcast.

I wonder if Sister Jean caught wind of this ahead of the game today and slipped in some anti-Bud Ossey notes for her pregame prayer, similar to how she discussed three-point shooting for Loyola's opening game. I'm sure the Sister gossip circle is strong and it wouldn't have been all that hard to find some dirt. I don't imagine Sister Jean is looking for any contenders for her crown here. She found her niche and has owned it for years. No room for the kindness her religion suggests we use in every day life.

Media is a cutthroat business and now the good Sister has a rival. What she'll do next remains to be seen. But I'll tell you one thing: Bud should make a Cameo account and undercut Sister Jean's prices. A fast track to the big stage.