Celebrities Who Are Cheaper Than Sister Jean on Cameo

Sister Jean attends a Loyola tournament game.
Sister Jean attends a Loyola tournament game. / Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Loyola-Chicago and Sister Jean are again making a deep tournament run. This biggest difference between the 2021 run and the 2018 run is that Sister Jean is now on Cameo. For $150 the Ramblers' team chaplain will wish you the best while wearing her trademark scarf. Yeah, the proceeds go to charity, but think about what else you could do with that money. Here are 10 celebrities you can get for cheaper.

LaVar Ball

The head of Big Baller Brand will deliver a much more enthusaistic message and for $133 you'll still have $17 left over to buy three laynards.

Keith Hernandez

Need someone to ask a new friend to help you move? The Mets great will do that for $125 and leave you with enough to thank your friend with some pizza.

Bronson Pinchot

$150 for Sister Jean? Don't be ridiculous. You give this man $135 and you won't have enough money left to purchase a fine work of art, but you can get more than a few turnips.

The Shining Twins

Do you think Sister Jean has ever seen The Shining? Well, for $125 you can have the adult versions of those little girls tell her she should check it out and still have money left over to buy a round of drinks at the Overlook hotel bar in 1921.

George Wendt and John Ratzenberger

For $125 you can get a message from Norm, but for $120, which is the thinking man's $125, you can hear from Cliff and still have enough left to fill a piggy bank. Cheers indeed.

Jeff Lowe from 'Tiger King'

The Tiger King is not available, but if you thought Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren were done cashing in, you're nuts. Get a message from this pair and have enough left over to tip the nanny.

Stephen Tobolowsky

I mean, it's Stephen Tobolowsky. You don't need justification to spend $149 on a Stephen Tobolowsky Cameo.

Ernie Hudson

You can't beat $135 for a Ghostbuster. He might even throw in a hot beverage thermal mug.

Most of Letterkenny, Ontario

Here's the deal and I'm going to tell you - Daryl, Squirlly Dan, Stewart, Bonnie MacMurray, Reilly, Ronzy and Tannis are all available for between $40 and $100. Is that a better deal? Can confirm.