Nick Castellanos Has Locker Room Confrontation With a Reporter Over a 'Stupid Question'


The Philadelphia Phillies lost their second straight game to the visiting Chicago Cubs on Saturday night. Nick Castellanos wenet 0-for-4 after going 0-for-5 the night before. The Philly faithful booed and in the locker room after the game NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury asked Castellanos if he had heard the boos. Castellanos was in no mood, saying "no man, I lost my hearing." He then called it a stupid question. Salisbury and Castellanos then went back and forth as things got a little heated. After a few seconds someone from PR stepped in to end the Q&A.

Now what would be really interesting is if Castellanos decided he needed to give an apology. Playing it over the PA system instead of walkup music is a surefire way to end his slump because he is famously motivated by awkwardness. He'd definitely hear that.