Nick Castellanos Interrupts Yet Another Serious On-Air Moment With a Base Hit

Kyle Koster
Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Nick Castellanos is a terrific hitter quietly putting together a terrific career yet he may be best known as the guy who homered during Thom Brennaman's apology to create a one-of-a-kind broadcasting moment. He then blasted a dinger during a heartfelt tribute to a veteran who had passed away at the age of 96. Now, when you say Castellanos, people think of one thing: him interrupting somber moments with hard contact. Even minor league announcers are fully aware of the phenomenon, sometimes speaking it into existence.

Remarkably, another variation on the theme was released today as Castellanos, now with the Philadelphia Phillies, capped Buck Martinez's update on Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker's DUI arrest and subsequent apology.

Amazing that this keeps happening. And yes, this was only a single instead of a four-bagger but still. What a time to be alive and to tread into serious waters when this guy is at the plate.