NFL Week 6 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

Detroit Lions v New England Patriots
Detroit Lions v New England Patriots / Nick Grace/GettyImages

The good news is that our overall record didn't get any worse in Week 5. The bad news is that it didn't get any better. A .500 effort leaves us 33-43 and in no business to be giving advice. And yet, here we are, doing just that. Trail. Fade. Whatever you need to do. One of these Tuesdays we'll have reason to beat our chests.


The Bears put up a good fight against a much more talented Vikings team while Carson Wentz came up short in the clutch yet again for Washington. The Commanders have, at the very least, exhibited the ability to put up points in bunches. Chicago has not shown that same propensity for touchdowns. This one might be a bad TNF game for the ages. Commanders 31, Bears 23

FALCONS (+5.5) over 49ERS

The Niners got back to their usual Jimmy G-winning ways, running the ball with reckless abandon and relying on Garoppolo to make only a handful of safe throws to win the day. But a beatdown against a terrible Panthers team that forced them to finally fire Matt Rhule is not proof of dominance. The Falcons, meanwhile, are not an easy opponent and very well could've upset Tom Brady's Bucs were it not for the worst roughing the passer call of the season. San Francisco should still pull this out but it will be a grind-it-out game for both sides. 49ers 20, Falcons 17

Patriots (+3) over BROWNS

Bill Belichick is putting on a masterclass of defensive coaching once again and the Patriots proved surprisingly feisty against an excellent Detroit run game last week. The Browns fumbled away yet another win at home and we don't think it'll be the last time, either. This one will come down to the wire and Belichick's coaching experience will prove the difference. Patriots 22, Browns 19

PACKERS (-7) over JETS

Aaron Rodgers is definitely not a happy man this week after his team blew a very winnable game against the Giants and will be returning to Lambeau Field with vengeance on his mind. The Jets have proven surprisingly competent for most of the season so far but there's still a few steps to be taken before they can hang with Green Bay in Wisconsin. This one will be over early. Packers 36, Jets 23


It's hard to get a read on either of these teams. The Colts have two wins that nobody really feels they should have, yet they sit at 2-2-1 anyway. The Jaguars looked like a dark horse the last time they played Indy and then managed all of six points against the Texans last week. Still, not enough has changed for either squad since Jacksonville beat down the Colts by 24 in Week 2. So we ride with Trevor Lawrence. Jaguars 31, Colts 17


This is one of those lines where you wonder what Vegas knows that we don't. It's anybody's guess who will be under center for Miami this week and their defensive line got ripped to shreds by the Jets. Minnesota shouldn't have let the Bears back into the game but a win is a win. A good time to take the money while it's there because this line could change drastically depending on the news of the week. Vikings 37, Dolphins 21

SAINTS (+1.5) over BENGALS

It is puzzling that the Saints are underdogs despite dropping 39 points in a win over Seattle and are at home once again this week. The Bengals have improved each week but still managed only 17 points against a fairly porous Baltimore defense on national television. New Orleans defends its home turf if anything and should walk away with another win. Saints 27, Bengals 20


Count out Danny Dimes and Brian Daboll's freakishly large pair at your own peril. It doesn't make a ton of sense how they've won four of five but the record is the record. There's a lot to be said about playing to an offense's strengths, which in this case is steering away from the obvious deficiencies. The Ravens have been playing beneath their potential all year and have failed to to eclipse 20 points in back-to-back weeks. This one's coming down to a field goal, which by our math, means the G-Men cover either way. Ravens 20, Giants 19


Everyone has been talking about Kenny Pickett's small hands like they are a problem but show us another quarterback who can reach through a facemask to land a punch. Mike Tomlin by now has realized his streak of .500 seasons is as dead as a doornail. And if not a rejuvenated Tom Brady is headed into town to deliver the message in 196-point font. Buccaneers 37, Steelers 17

PANTHERS (+11) over RAMS

There's just something about firing your coach that re-focuses a team. Not for long, mind you. But for one Sunday. Baker Mayfield is running out of time to fix the prevailing narrative and the Rams are a shell of themselves right now. To watch Matthew Stafford play is to wonder why the hell he's out there instead of riding into the sunset on the high of a Super Bowl win. Rams 26, Panthers 20


Why is Seattle not favored here? Geno Smith is going to mess around and make the Pro Bowl and the offense is turning into one of the more reliable units in football. Raise your hand if you saw either of these coming. Everyone but Pete Carroll needs to put their hands down. Kliff Klingsbury's attempts to coach football and mesh with Kyler Murray are getting downright painful. The better team will win and win convincingly. Seahawks 33, Cardinals 21

CHIEFS (+2) over BILLS

A little AFC Championship Game preview in mid-October? Sign everyone up. This one has instant classic written all over it and, let's talk intangibles. We really believe Patrick Mahomes & Co. have the mental edge here and will continue to wield it. Whomever has the football last .. lasts. Chiefs 31, Bills 27


Micah Parsons is an alien. Week after week, America's team exceeds expectations. The same could be said about Philadelphia, yet we just need to see more. Brace yourself for a full dose of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless being annoying as hell next Monday. We are pro-life and it brings us no joy to report this. Cowboys 22, Eagles 21


Broncos Country, let's ride! Straight into the mouth of Hell. Chargers 40, Broncos 9