Russell Wilson's 'Broncos Country, Let's Ride' Motto Get Sadder Each Week

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It wasn't all that long ago that the Denver Broncos agreed to pay Russell Wilson $245 million over the span of five years in hopes the former Super Bowl-winning quarterback could inject new life in a stagnant offense. It wasn't all that long ago that the Mr. Unlimited-in-Mile-High pairing felt as though it had unlimited potential.

How things change.

Wilson has yet to look any good in his first five games and his performance last night against the Colts had absolutely better be rock bottom or things are going to get even uglier than they already are in Denver. Both Wilson and Matt Ryan combined forces to create an experience akin to a post-Thanksgiving dinner family affair where every uncle tasked with playing quarterback is too old to be out there and it's not all that fun.

Indianapolis somehow prevailed 12-9 in overtime and the NFL should consider putting the All-22 wherever they store those Faces of Death videos. Wilson, who was once able to conjure authentic and intense excitement while saying his new catchphrase of Broncos Country, Let's Ride, has been reduced to this.

There are bigger fish to fry but it's sort of surprising no one is there to advise Wilson that his new team's fans, which have no history with him, do not need or want to hear this bit after what cannot be legally described as football. He's probably doing it to show that he still believes and won't waver in the face of adversity but last night felt like those old Jimmy Fallon bits where he'd get NFL players to force certain phrases into their postgame commentary. So if the goal was to get a mild laugh, then mission accomplished. The goal should have been to get the hell out of there without giving everyone further content upon which to opine. Because there is so much out there already.