Kenny Pickett's Hand Size Causing Everybody to Freak Out

Kenny Pickett
Kenny Pickett / Justin Berl/GettyImages

This year's NFL Draft does not have a consensus top quarterback prospect so Kenny Pickett, Heisman Trophy finalist, is among those who could be the first signal-caller taken in the first round. Pickett was great statistically for Pittsburgh last year, but there are worries that he was a one-year wonder and, at 23 years-old, may not have that much room to grow.

Now there's a new issue to add to the list: hand size. Pickett's hands measured in at 8.5 inches at the NFL Combine on Thursday. This caused everybody to lose their damn minds because nothing incites public sports debate like hand size amongst quarterbacks.

There is a discussion every single year around this time about how significant hand size measurements are in regards to projecting the success of NFL quarterbacks. Joe Burrow joked he was going to retire because his hands measured at nine inches, which is on the smaller side.

The logic is fairly obvious-- big hands mean it's easier to grip and therefore throw the football. Burrow obviously doesn't need giant hands to win games, though. He just went to the Super Bowl with the Cincinnati Bengals for crying out loud. But Pickett's hands are so small it's setting off alarm bells.

Does this mean Pickett is a bust waiting to happen? Maybe! Michael Vick he is not. But it also might mean nothing! Such is the beauty of zeroing in on one very particular aspect of the draft process and using it to make grand projections.

Can Pickett's hands make it in the big leagues? We'll find out.