With the NBA Finals Concluding, We're Running Out of Distractions

Fans Celebrate In Los Angeles After Lakers Win NBA Finals
Fans Celebrate In Los Angeles After Lakers Win NBA Finals / Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The NBA season is over. The Stanley Cup is on its victory tour. The World Series will be over is just over two weeks. It won't even be Halloween. By the time the candy is counted there will be no sports remaining but college and professional football. You know, the two sports where games are canceled / postponed / rescheduled on a daily basis. We are running out of distractions.

The end of the NBA season is especially bittersweet. For three months, there was basketball basically every day. And it was good basketball. The isolation at Disney World, the lack of noisy crowds and absence of usual distractions made for very high-quality basketball. Enough can't be said about the performances of all the league's stars (who were in attendance). It all culminated with one of the greatest players of all-time winning what might have been the most difficult championship anyone has ever won.

And now it's over. No indication when it will return. When will we find out if 36 is the age where LeBron James finally regresses towards being a washed king? When will we see how many triple-doubles Luka Doncic can't collect in a full regular season? What have Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry been up to? Is Giannis going to develop a reliable three-point shot or a wandering eye? What will Christmas look like with no NBA players wearing ugly sweaters while jumpers play jingle bells? What will this mean for the ratings of TNT's Charmed reruns?

The point is... we're running out of distractions. In a couple weeks there will be nothing but poorly managed football seasons, a contentious election and whatever fresh hell follows that. Oh, and the second wave of the pandemic which is not going to be helped by college football coaches crying for tens of thousands of fans to be back into a tight space.

When the pandemic hit and sports smartly shut down, we were desperate. Multiple documentaries became popular. People cried out for real, live sports because we needed a distraction. Eventually all the sports returned. Nature was healing. Then sports became an excuse to go out and act like nothing was wrong. Just look at the championship celebrations in Tampa and Los Angeles.

We came here to be distracted by sports and ignore a pandemic and we're almost out of sports. So what now? Just focus on the Good News / Bad News football new cycle and hope that the NBA, NHL and MLB are able to figure things out and return in the spring. Man, the next few months are going to suck.

If you were sick of the Jordan - LeBron debate, can I interest you in the same thing, but with LeBron having an even stronger argument and nothing else to talk about besides Giannis Antetokounmpo's free agency and whether or not the Tennessee Titans are really going to accept a New Year's day bowl game invite to play the Houston Cougars?

Just prepare yourselves. It's going to get worse from an entertainment standpoint and the real world stuff isn't going to help. Unless you're living inside a bubble.