Tennessee Titans Have the First 8 Positive COVID Cases of NFL Season

The Tennessee Titans
The Tennessee Titans / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The NFL has now seen their first in-season positive COVID tests. Three Tennessee Titans players and five more team employees have tested positive and the league has shut down in-person activities. The Minnesota Vikings, who played the Titans on Sunday, have also paused in-person operations.

ESPN's Dianna Russini tweeted that the Titans would shut things down until Saturday. With a game scheduled on Sunday against the Steelers, you have to think the game will be in danger of being postponed, unless the Titans are comfortable playing after (maybe) one day of practice. Not to mention they will need a ton of negative tests to make sure it will be safe to play. Meanwhile, the Vikings are supposed to travel to Houston this weekend.

The Vikings did not have any positive tests yet, but it's still less than 48 hours since they played the Titans.

At this point it is just a few positive tests, but it's also a reminder that you don't spike the football until you're in the end zone. The NHL just crowned their champion and the NBA Finals will begin tomorrow night. Both those leagues successfully navigated COVID in bubbles. MLB, which did not, had to scramble to get in a full, abbreviated season. The NFL's contingency plans may now be put to the test.