Mr. Bean Once Ruined Tom Wambsgans' Wedding

Red Nose Day 2007
Red Nose Day 2007 / Comic Relief/GettyImages

Welcome to another edition of "can you believe this actor was in something else?" In today's episode we learn that Matthew Macfadyen, the very tall actor who portrays Tom Wambsgans on Succession, was indeed previously in something else!

It turns out that before he became a prison brochure aficionado and ATN's Chairman of Global Broadcast News, Macfadyen had a two-decade long run as a British actor. You may not be shocked if you've heard him using his natural accent in interviews, but the extent of that career never hit home until I saw this tweet this morning.

Having seen just about every version of Pride & Prejudice multiple times, I was shocked to learn that it was the man who just wanted to wrestle Greg on Sunday night also once played the Mr. Darcy to Kiera Knightley's Elizabeth Bennet in the 2005 movie adaptation.

Having seen that I took a look at Macfadyen's IMDB page to see if there was anything else notable and would you believe it? He'd also been in other stuff. In 2007 he was hired to react to the always hilarious muted performance of Rowan Atkinson for a Comic Relief sketch. That's right, Macfadyen exists in the Mr. Bean universe.

Can't imagine Shiv would ever let Tom grow his hair out like that for the wedding, am I right folks? Luckily, those two characters exist in different cinematic universes so we don't really have to worry.

This has been another edition of "this actor was in something else before." Tune in next time to find out which actor from one thing also appeared in another thing.