Ted From 'Schitt's Creek' Was in a Lifetime Christmas Movie With Winnie Cooper

The cast of Schitt's Creek
The cast of Schitt's Creek / John Shearer/Getty Images

Schitt's Creek ended this year and won a bunch of awards. Like many people, I binged most of the series on Netflix rather than starting it when it originally ran in 2015 in Canada. So until this year, the very obvious fact that Catherine O'Hara was both Moira Rose and Kevin's mom in Home Alone never really clicked in my brain. This has been a big content thing on the Internet as Home Alone, a Christmas movie, re-entered our lives.

Obviously, this isn't a big deal. Actors play multiple roles. Johnny Rose is also Jim's dad in American Pie. Roland Schitt is also Lily's dad on How I Met Your Mother. Let's act like we've been here before, people.

Having said that, did you know that Ted and Mutt were both in made-for-TV Christmas movies!?

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I stumbled on a 2012 Lifetime Christmas movie called Love at the Christmas Table. Despite the nonsensical name and awful trailer, it was pretty good. And the best part was discovering a pre-Schitt's Creek Dustin Milligan in the lead alongside Danica McKellar. That's right folks - Ted Mullens and Winnie Cooper. You know, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years. The show that was narrated by Daniel Stern. Who plays Marv in Home Alone.

Speaking of Alexis Rose's lost love interests, Tim Rozon, who played Mutt, starred alongside Candace Cameron Bure in a 2019 Hallmark Christmas movie called Christmas Town. Bure obviously played DJ Tanner on Full House. Joey on Full House was played by Dave Coulier. He was infamously the inspiration for Alanis Morisette's "You Oughta Know."

No, wait. I went to far in the wrong direction. I mean to focus on Candace Cameron who married Pavel Bure, which gives this post the sports connection it needed. What was my point? Oh, yeah, now I remember.

Did you know Kevin's dad on Home Alone was in The Sopranos? That's super crazy, right!?