Mad Dog Blasts Aaron Rodgers Over Vice President Candidate Rumors


The sports world is collectively laughing at the news that Aaron Rodgers is being seriously considered as Robert Kennedy Jr.'s running mate in the 2024 presidential election. It's an incredibly funny development. On Wednesday's episode of ESPN's First Take, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo was not laughing about it, he was yelling. And it was entertaining as hell.

Russo pointed out the sheer absurdity of the situation. He also hit on something many have ignored: Rodgers is addicted to being in the news and talked about. If he has the chance he's going to draw this out as long as possible, when he should just say, "I'm the quarterback of the New York Jets" and end the ridiculous speculation.

Here's what Mad Dog had to say:

He's definitely right about one thing: Ronald Reagan was a middling actor at best. Wildly overrated.

He's also right that Rodgers brought in a number of "his guys" when he joined the Jets, only to rupture his Achilles on the first series of the season and miss the rest of the campaign. Now that the Jets are saddled with those guys, he's going to bolt to join an independent presidential campaign that is poised to get trounced in November? That's pretty messed up.