NFL Network Crew Couldn't Stop Laughing at Aaron Rodgers Vice President Report

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Tuesday brought the funniest report of the NFL offseason thus far in the form of a New York Times article explaining that Aaron Rodgers was on the VP shortlist for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and was "open" to the overtures made by the independent presidential candidate. While it is certainly dark to consider the mirror this holds up to society we try to bring the more light-hearted side of things to our readers and I mean, come on. It's hilarious!

The New York Jets, a cursed franchise if you've ever seen one, finally gets a good quarterback and he tears his Achilles immediately and now there is a possibility (incredibly, incredibly slim, but a possibility nonetheless) that he doesn't play another snap because he wants to go run for vice president. Absent of the big-picture comedy of it all, Rodgers made a point to say in his end-of-season press conference that the Jets need to cut out all the distractions from their team if they want to win. Which is funny enough considering how much of a sideshow the quarterback was throughout the 2023 season but it didn't even take three months for him to cause another distraction of the most ridiculous kind.

The NFL Network crew, hard at work throughout free agency early this week, apparently agree that it's funny above all else. Andrew Siciliano, Ian Rapoport, Mike Garofolo, and Tom Pelissero were all on-air when the news broke. They took a break from the transactional discourse to crack a few jokes at Rodgers' expense and not a single one of them could stop laughing throughout the clip.

Really tremendous stuff. And you know Rodgers is steaming mad watching this, especially the Surgeon General comment. I cannot believe I find myself missing Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays on the Pat McAfee Show, but right now I really do. I need to hear him blame the media for mocking him over this and yell about the crooked New York Times reporting. I need it more than air.

Alas. Unless Rodgers decides to "set the record straight" with a special offseason edition of his interview spot, which is not as long a shot as you'd think, we won't be hearing what he thinks about all this for a while yet.