Can the Jets Really Be Surprised By Aaron Rodgers?

Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on the short list to become Robert F. Kennedy's vice presidential candidate if he's interest in taking the job. Which seems like it would not the an entirely fruitful exercise as current polls put the independent far behind both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But maybe they can swing the entire thing one way or another and change history forever, so YOLO. The news broke yesterday and everyone's had their fun with it and will continue to have their fun with it because it's better to laugh than actually feel things.

On his show today, Mike Greenberg tried to imagine the reaction of New York Jets coach Robert Saleh upon finding out this was happening. It was an interesting thought exercise. He made a lot of excellent points about the tough road Saleh has had to take and how this is probably a giant distraction at a time when there's been more than enough of that.

Personally, I really don't think the development is all that surprising. Rodgers is currently on the type of path where those around him need to expect anything and everything. That's probably bad news for the Jets. And they have to know that, right?

There are some real reasons for worry when everything hinges on a 40-year-old coming off major surgery to be the savior. That Rodgers is an enormous wild card makes it even more touch and go. No one has really gone deep on the logistics of how someone can be an NFL quarterback while campaigning and who knows if anything is actually going to happen here but if the Jets are surprised by anything their most famous player does at this point, well, isn't that on them?