Logan Paul is Now the Most Successful Fighter to Never Actually Win a Fight

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather on Sunday night and it was probably the most high-level celebrity boxing match you will ever witness. It was a mostly boring fight, but still managed to be a spectacular spectacle. The perfect mix of it looking high-gloss and being professionally staged while almost no one took it seriously because what the F are we doing here anyway?

Fans presumably tuned it to see something crazy, which was almost certainly never in the cards. Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest ever because he's an incredible defensive fighter. If he was ever the kind of guy to press forward and go after a knockout like a mini-Mike Tyson, he hasn't shown it in years.

It's really amazing that people would believe Mayweather would knock Paul's head off, even if he was completely capable of it. Floyd has basically been retired since the Andre Berto fight in 2015. He hasn't knocked anyone out in a decade (Victor Ortiz in 2011) and 18 of his 28 fights this century have gone to decision. His ability to pick and choose these fights and get so richly rewarded for them hardly makes any sense at all, but he's just an excellent businessman. You don't get Dana White wearing shoe booties in your house on accident.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul legitimized himself with this fight. He's no longer just a YouTuber messing around with celebrity boxing. He took a friendly beating from Mayweather and stayed upright for eight full rounds. It's safe to say no one got out of the long line waiting (hoping) for a shot at Paul. He, like Mayweather, gets to pick whatever fight he wants. He gets to choose the perfect balance between famous and legitimate. It doesn't matter where the opponent falls on the matrix for his fans.

Why else consitently shell out cash for a fighter who has never won a fight? He's just 0-1 and yet he got to fight Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of all-time, and he didn't lose. This was not a fact that was lost on Paul as he looked thrilled after the fight. And that part did not seem like an act.

And after that real moment, he can go back to spinning this to promote his next fight. Logan Paul technically fought Floyd Mayweather and his record did not get worse. How many people can say that? And Mayweather technically came into the fight as a perfect 50-0 and failed to beat his opponent. I just don't know what else you could call this besides a victory for Paul. And the greater Paul brand.

Yup, that's legally binding. Someone please update Wikipedia.

It's too bad there weren't any judges for this exhibition bout because Logan Paul almost certainly would have won on someone's scorecard. Especially, considering it was celebrity boxing. Who knows how a panel of celebrity boxing judges would have scored that fight. Look at this flurry and tell me it doesn't look like Floyd Mayweather was in mortal danger.

What more could you possibly want for $49.99? The greatest boxer of a generation getting paid millions of dollars to spar a YouTube star who also made millions. There were no losers in this match and not just because losing was against the rules.

In the words of Clay Davis, "I'll take any motherf--ker's money if he's giving it away." And that's what people want to do when the Paul brothers fight. They just want to give them money. Which is what makes Mayweather so damn brilliant. After becoming the highest level prize fighter as a welterweight, he handpicked the most lucrative exhibition of all-time with Conor McGregor (which also went on his official record for a nice round 50-0) and then got a Paul brother (and it did not matter which one) at their absolute maximum profitablity potential.

Maybe Floyd will be back, but it will only be if the perfect opportunity presents itself again. Who knows what that would even look like. Maybe it's best not to even consider it.

In a broader sense, the Paul brothers have basically transformed celebrity boxing. Look at the shitshow it was two decades ago when FOX, one of the four major broadcast television networks, had Joey Buttafuoco fight Chyna.

It's like that took place in a parallel universe from Mayweather - Paul. Celebrity boxing was a literal punchline and now it's the new fight night. Who knows how long the era will last, but for now it's working and the Paul brothers are the ones in charge. At least until Mayweather decides he wants to do it again.