Floyd Mayweather Dominated Logan Paul in Their 'Boxing Match'

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Weigh In
Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Weigh In / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul played pattycake in a Miami boxing ring Sunday night and no one was the better for it. Well, except for Mayweather and Paul, who suckered people into paying to watch the "boxing match." In the end, Mayweather dominated Paul, who looked completely out of place against an actual fighter during the exhibition.

Mayweather did what he always does, which is starting slow for the first two rounds. Paul expended every bit of his energy landing punches on Floyd's gloves.

Starting in the third round (of eight), Mayweather began to pepper Paul's face with short, crisp punches. The 26-year-old YouTube star had no defensive skills, and the 44-year-old champ was hitting him cleanly for the rest of the match.

By about the middle of the sixth round, Mayweather downshifted and went into cruising mode, having made his point. In the entire match Paul landed nothing of significance. There were a few glancing jabs and hooks but nothing that made an impression. Mayweather did enough to show there was a wide gulf between the two men. One was a professional, the other was just a hype man.

The reminder here is that Mayweather is 44, hasn't fought in four years and barely did any training for this match. Meanwhile, Paul is younger, five inches taller, 35 pounds heavier and looked completely out of place. If Mayweather had really cared, he could have trained, pressed and easily scored a knockout.

This was always going to happen when one of the Paul brothers faced an actual professional boxer. It wasn't close. On top of that it wasn't even exciting. There was a ton of leaning and hugging. It was a joke.

The entire spectacle wasn't about boxing it was about money for Paul and Mayweather and both will take home healthy checks for not doing much.