Jake Paul Will Face Tyron Woodley in His Next Lame Boxing Match

Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren
Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren / Al Bello/Getty Images

Jake Paul will face former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in his next boxing match as he continues to avoid any actual boxers. Paul is coming off a first-round knockout of a comically out-of-shape Ben Askren in April.

Woodley was a UFC champion and has a long history in MMA, but he was never known as having great boxing skills. He was a very good MMA fighter for years, but his style doesn't exactly fit traditional boxing skills. He's currently 19-7 in MMA, with seven knockouts and five submission stoppages. Four of those knockouts came via ground-and-pound, which obviously doesn't translate to boxing. Woodley has also looked pretty bad in his last four fights.

He lost a unanimous decision to Kamaru Usman back in March of 2019 to lose the UFC welterweight belt, then lost a unanimous decision to Gilbert Burns in May of 2020, before taking a fifth-round TKO loss to Colby Covington in September of 2020 due to a rib injury. His last fight game in March where he was submitted by Vicente Luque with a Brabo choke in the first round.

Woodley is 39 and it feels like the sport has passed him by. His contract with UFC is up and there's been no movement towards being re-signed. It's also worth noting he's 5-foot-9 and about 171 pounds, while Paul is 6-foot-1 and 190. So, yeah, this fight is absurd and not at all normal.

Just a reminder that Paul has so far beaten AnEsonGib (whoever the hell that is), and all 5-foot-9 of Nate Robinson, then beat Askren who looked like he hadn't trained in a year. So nothing he's done in the ring has been the least bit impressive. This is all theater of the absurd.

If Paul really wants to put on a real fight, he should offer to box a young up and comer -- maybe someone from the U.S. Olympic team after the Tokyo Games this summer. Some of them will inevitably turn pro and could use the notoriety of fighting a name like Paul. That would be a real test of his skill.

Of course he won't do that. He's far more likely to fight Mario Lopez or something, then claim it was a big victory.