Jordan Love Better Improve Fast or a Bad Draft Pick Will Look Even Worse

Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers Training Camp
Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers Training Camp / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Jordan Love didn't impress anyone as a rookie in 2020. Reports suggested he was bad in training camp, and while Aaron Rodgers cruised through an MVP season, the quarterback selected to be his eventual successor didn't take a snap. Love better improve fast or the Packers are going to look really bad for wasting a first-round pick on him in 2020.

On Tuesday, Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett said it was imperative for Love to improve this offseason. That makes sense because no one was impressed by him last year and the Utah State product was glued to the bottom of the quarterback depth chart. He has to take a mammoth leap if he's ever going to play quarterback in Green Bay.

When Love was selected with the 26th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft it sent shockwaves through the league. The Packers had been a game away from the Super Bowl the previous season and had an all-time great under center. Rather than select a player at a position of need (like wide receiver), Green Bay traded up four spots to spend a first-rounder on Rodgers' successor. It made no sense unless the franchise intended to move on from Rodgers in short order. For several reasons, that's now highly unlikely.

After being furious at the Love pick and drinking tequila to deal with the emotions, Rodgers was brilliant in 2020. He won his third MVP and took the Packers back to the NFC Championship Game. It's become increasingly clear the Packers need to continue building around him, not wasting valuable picks on players who won't help them for years.

The Love pick looked really bad when it happened and looks worse in hindsight. Unless he makes enormous progress in a short period of time, the Packers will start regretting that selection.