Jerry Jones: Ian Rapoport Has 'No Idea What He's Talking About' With Earl Thomas Reports

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

When Earl Thomas was released by the Baltimore Ravens over the weekend, the Dallas Cowboys were assumed to be a probable landing spot almost immediately. They have a need at safety and Thomas wants to play for the Cowboys in his native Texas. Dallas has also assembled a collection of various cast-offs to man their defense this season like Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory. The latter shows they aren't afraid to bring in a player with some controversy swirling, as is the case with Thomas, who did not leave Baltimore willingly or under the best of terms from all reports.

Thomas has been linked to the Cowboys for years. He once straight-up told the Cowboys to "come get me" amidst his tumultuous breakup with the Seahawks. The timing never matched up for this marriage to happen, but better late than never, as many of us figured after hearing the news of Thomas' release. But Ian Rapoport swooped in on Tuesday morning to rain on many fans' parades and said Dallas is not expected to be in contention for Thomas' services.

As it so happens, Jerry Jones had a radio interview on Tuesday morning as well. During the interview, he did not eliminate the possibility of a potential Thomas signing, but did say they were evaluating where their roster was. NFL Network's Jane Slater seemed convinced that this all meant Jones was still considering signing Thomas.

Jones also took this time to express his thoughts on Rapoport's original report that the Cowboys were not in the Thomas sweepstakes, which was sent out about 15 minutes before Jones' interview.

In response, Rapoport pointed out Jones said the same thing when the NFL Network insider reported halfway through the 2019 season that Dak Prescott was going to get the franchise tag. And, well...

Hmm! It seems that the Cowboys' opinion of Rap has swung significantly since someone in the building gave him the news of Gerald McCoy's injury, which he managed to break before any of the beat reporters in attendance could as a result of the new training camp coverage rules.

Rapoport's lengthy record of accurate reporting suggests he does, in fact, know what he's talking about. But even one of football's top insiders has no idea what's going on in the mind of Jerry Jones. That we all know for certain. Perhaps Jones has the extra incentive to get a deal done now and bring in Thomas to bolster the defense, questions surrounding his hasty exit from Baltimore be damned.