Dallas Cowboys Practice Not a Good Place to Break Dallas Cowboys News

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Standout defensive tackle Gerald McCoy went down with a leg injury this morning at Dallas Cowboys practice. A tree falling in the forest may or may not make a sound but if significant on-field news happens at a Cowboys workout, the sound is going to take hours to reach the masses as reporters are not permitted to provide live updates. This new policy created a vacuum for NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, who was not there, to break the news.

Clarence Hill Jr., who writes for the Star-Telegram, did not much care for the development.

And, you know what, that's perfectly understandable. Agreeing to such restrictions is sadly part of the deal if a media member wants to continue to have access, but it is always awkward and less-than-ideal. If it emerges that being at the practice is actually a detriment to live coverage, why would reporters continue to come to practice?

That's just me, a big dumb aggregator who stands on the shoulders of greatness every day, talking out loud. The average Joe may not care who was first to tweet out news that everyone will know an hour or few minutes later but it matters a hell of a lot to those in the industry. So the race is never going away there.

It's quite possible that those who are behind the rules have made the situation even worse by facilitating a rush to leak in a Wild West situation in which each on-site reporter is trying to get out the news in a roundabout way.

That'd be pretty silly, if not entertaining. Bring on the third-party play-by-play of position group drills.