Jerry Jones Returns to Cowboys Facility as Some NFL Teams Begin Return to Business

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy
Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Jerry Jones returned to the Dallas Cowboys' facility in Frisco, Texas on Tuesday for the first time in two months. While it's a small move in the grand scheme of things, it's yet another sign that NFL teams are attempting to get things back to something like normal.

Jones worked the 2020 NFL Draft from his insane yacht, so he hasn't been at the team facility for a while.

NFL teams are allowed to return to their facilities if they have met their state's requirements to reopen non-essential businesses. That means franchises will likely slowly begin ramping up across the league over the next few days and weeks.

On Tuesday, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers held an unofficial workout. Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger worked out with his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates on Monday. That kind of stuff is likely to continue over the next few weeks before anything official begins.

Brady's informal workout at a local high school isn't the same as a structured practice at a team facility, but it's a step toward returning to normal. Or whatever "normal" will look like after the coronavirus pandemic. Jones returning to work is also another step in the right direction as other owners and teams are likely to follow suit soon.

We're a long way from knowing what the NFL will look like this fall, but teams returning to facilities and doing workouts is the first step toward whatever happens in the future. These may seem like minor moves, but given where we were a month ago, they're actually huge steps in the direction of football returning.