To the Many of You Who Are Blocked By Ben Roethlisberger: He Shaved

Al Pereira/Getty Images

Ben Roethlisberger vowed not to shave his face or cut his hair until he could throw a football to one of his wide receivers, which was fine because everyone finds their own way to cope with a global pandemic. As time passed, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback began to resemble Yukon Cornelius, which is also fine because who among us had the drive and determination needed to trim ourselves?

But that's all over now as Roethlisberger got back into a football field and threw a football to someone very skilled at catching a football. Ergo, he's clean-shaven now.

The millions of social media users blocked by Big Ben would never know this if not for the heroic efforts of the Steelers to share the message.

Far be it for me to tell anyone what to do with their appearance but Big Ben is really one of our best unkempt beard guys. So much so that seeing him clean-shaven is jarring. Here's hoping he enacts a new arbitrary policy allowing the growth to return.