Jerry Jones Conducting Cowboys Draft From Super-Yacht

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones /

Jerry Jones has long been a preposterous caricature of a man. That's not an insult. He's just a ridiculously outsized personality, enjoying life as a billionaire and face of America's Team. With the southern twang and love for Johnny Walker, Jones has always struck me as an oil monarch who is probably up to something nefarious, but the charm prevents you from realizing it until it's too late.

These are the thoughts that went through my head once more when I saw where Jones was making his decisions for the virtual NFL Draft on Thursday night. Simply put, it's an evil lair, something straight out of James Bond. I'm pretty sure there was a room with this exact couch in that X-Men movie where they end up in Cuba.

I mean, seriously, where is this in his house? Is that what his basement looks like? I'd be more than a little nervous if Jones led me down here.

Maybe I'm just over-thinking this and he's just hanging out in his doomsday bunker that all very rich people definitely have, sort of like the safe room that Winston hangs out in during John Wick: Parabellum. Either way, Jerry, as always, is doing things his way.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Jones is conducting the draft on his $250 million mega-yacht. If you think that offsets any of the things I said above, what screams "supervillain" more than a freaking superyacht?