Jeff Goldblum Has Special Moment at the Super Bowl


This Super Bowl started out pretty slow and has picked up steam over time to put all the things in place for an instant classic. If that somehow fizzles, my gut tells me this will either be remembered as the Tony Romo or Jeff Goldblum Super Bowl because they are stealing the show. Mr. Life Finds A Way was perched up their nice and tidy in his Allegiant Stadium suite when one thing led to another and he found himself on the stadium scoreboard.

And handled it as perfectly as any celebrity with a magnetic could.

Every choice makes is the exact one that needed to made. He tells quite a story without words.

There's something about the cosmic gumbo of the Super Bowl that feels like asking the old 8-ball to take something from pop culture and put it back into the center of the frame and the bright lights. No one could have been under the belief they'd be seeing such an outpouring of respect for Goldblum and yet here we are and it's a great feeling.